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About Kata Haratym

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I was born in 1990. I studied Swedish philology at the Jagiellonian University in Cracow. After getting my bachelor degree, I began attending SAPU (School of Fashion Design). I participated in an internship at FAHMODA Akademie fur Mode und Design in Hannover in 2013, and took part in the ART & FASHION FESTIVAL by Grażyna Kulczyk fashion design workshops in 2014. In March 2015 my diploma collection was graded with an A (“excellent”). I presented the collection during fashion shows at the Museum of Municipal Engineering in Cracow, at the ICE Congress Centre, in Novotel Cracow and at OFF FASHION WEEKEND in Lodz.

For the past three years I have been collaborating with photographers, stylists and musicians. I’m also passionate about designing accessories and costumes. My designs have been published in Elegant Magazine, JUTE Magazine, BE MAG, HIRO Magazine, MODO Magazine, KMAG, Warsawholic, Nakid Magazine and The Atlas Magazine.