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Story featured in Vogue Polska

Queendom it’s a capsule collection made of 6 silhouettes named after strong female characters- Aurora, Joanna, Elizabeth, Victoria, Helena and Bona. Main inspiration for this collection was the Queen- fearless, empowered woman connected with her inner self. She’s not pretending to be a man, she’s herself. Shapes of suits and other clothing pieces take us to the different historical eras  – wide arms, cinched waists, puffy sleeves, modeling cuts and boning supporting silhouettes. Despite all references to historical clothing construction these are still comfortable and modern designs.

Design by Kata Haratym represented by LiMiTÉE PR 
Photos: Ina Lekiewicz
Make-up: Jose Bass
Model: Zoë Kezia  Models 1
Retouch: Paul Drozdowski